Romania’s Restart Energy completed €340,000 photovoltaic panel system installation for Cotnari SA

Restart Energy has successfully executed a photovoltaic panel system installation valued at over 340,000 euros for Cotnari SA, as reported by Agerpres. The project involved the setup of 883 panels over a 5,000-square-meter area, with a total capacity of 400 kWp. Expected to recoup its investment in less than 4 years, the system will contribute approximately 25% of the company’s internal energy consumption. Over the next quarter-century, these solar panels are projected to generate 12,647 MWh of green energy, resulting in cost savings exceeding 2.5 million euros. Moreover, the installation will notably reduce annual CO2 emissions by 159 tons.

Positioned at the Cotnari Winery premises in Iasi County, this photovoltaic initiative embodies a commitment to sustainability. Remus Deleanu, President of the Cotnari SA Directorate, affirmed the system’s role in responding to the energy market’s volatility. In tandem, Armand Domuţa, General Manager of Restart Energy, emphasized the system’s role in long-term energy cost reduction and its alignment with the company’s focus on sustainable electricity production through solar energy utilization.

Restart Energy’s partnership with the American fund Interlink Capital Strategies, inked in January 2021, aims to finance 500 MW of renewable projects in Romania by 2025, ensuring 100% locally produced green energy for end customers. Additionally, Restart Energy’s successful introduction of convertible green bonds on the Bucharest Stock Exchange further underscores their commitment to sustainable energy solutions. With a track record of 60 photovoltaic projects developed in 2022, totaling 15 MW in installed capacity, Restart Energy’s role as a major player in energy transition services is solidified. The company’s 2022 achievements, encompassing photovoltaic installation segment sales exceeding 10 million euros and a total turnover of 55 million euros, further highlight their contributions to a greener future.

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