Nova Power and Gas finalized a 40 MW plant an investment of 100 million euro in Romania

The companies of the E-Infra group are considering numerous investments in green capacities. Thus, Nova Power&Gas, part of the E-Infra group, invested about 100 million euro last year in a 40 MW mixed plant at Câmpia Turzii, said Teofil Mureșan, CEO and Chairman, E-Infra.

The plant has 40 MW of solar, 26 MW in balancing services – we are going to put another 10 MW into operation in the next two months… Hydrogen project, 60MWh storage in balancing and consumption mode, operating within the industrial platform. We continued our investments in the projects we have in common with Nuclearelectrica in the nuclear area at Doicești – of course, it’s a long-term project. We continue to invest in other sources – wind farms, storage… it depends on the operating costs

Teofil Mureșan.

Together with American partners and other technology providers, we are working on a big project for Romania, which Mr. Virgil Popescu has already announced … it would be possible to discuss it with the American company Fluor – to install a direct current connector from Black Sea to Bucharest and Hungary, a project that would involve the installation in the BRUA corridor, on the already existing and expropriated land, of two direct current cables with a capacity of 5,000 MW, which would solve the Black Sea transport problem and enable offshore wind projects with the extraordinary potential we have untapped – 10-12 GW offshore in the Black Sea, and also enable the future interconnections between Romania, Georgia and other countries and also the export to Hungary and further, to Austria

added Teofil Mureșan.

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