Turkish company to build gas pipeline project in Romania

Signatures were signed on Friday, June 16 for the natural gas pipeline project between Kalyon Holding and Transgaz. The project involves the transportation of gas from Romania’s Black Sea reserves to connection points in the country’s interior through a pipeline that will be built between the Black Sea coast and Podisor.

Serdar Över, Executive Board Member of Kalyon İnşaat, provided information to the press about the project, which they plan to complete in less than 24 months. He emphasized that the project is of critical importance for Europe’s energy security as it will connect with the Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Austria (BRUA) Corridor.

Över stated that the BRUA Corridor, which passes through Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Austria, is a vital route for Europe’s energy security. He highlighted that their pipeline will enable the gas from the Black Sea to reach Austria.

Furthermore, Över pointed out that Romania offers significant potential for Turkish companies in consultancy and contracting. He stated their aim is to deliver the additional natural gas from the Black Sea to Romania and EU countries in a healthy, high-quality, and sustainable manner. Kalyon Holding aims to export their country’s engineering expertise to neighboring regions while sharing their knowledge and experience in the field with Europe.

Ion Sterian, the General Manager of Transgaz, expressed that Romania and Turkey have a long history of good relations and cooperation. He mentioned that many Romanian companies have won tenders from Turkey, particularly in the infrastructure sector. Sterian estimated that the gas transported through the pipeline, with an annual capacity of over 12 billion cubic meters, will meet approximately 45 percent of Romania’s consumption.

The Black Sea Coast-Podisor Natural Gas Pipeline, with a construction cost of approximately 500 million Euros, spans a total length of 308 kilometers and has pipe diameters ranging from 48 to 40 inches. The project also includes the supply of pipes, 20 valve stations, energy supply, cathodic protection, and fiber optic manufacturing. It is expected to employ around 1,200 people.

The signing ceremony on June 16 was attended by Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Marian Neacşu, Energy Minister Sebastian Burduja, Turkish Ambassador to Bucharest Özgür Kıvanç Altan, Kalyon İnşaat Executive Board Member Serdar Över, and Transgaz General Manager Ion Sterian.

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