Romania to recieve 2 billion euro to transition from coal by 2032

Romania will receive EUR 2.14 billion from the Transition Fund to support climate transition to a greener economy, the European Commission (EC) announced. The fund will target the most affected regions, thus helping Romania to follow up on its commitment to phase out coal by 2032.

The fund will support workers being affected by the ongoing energy transition to find new qualifications and new jobs, leaving no one behind. It will also support small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and, in specific cases, large companies to create jobs and diversify the economy in the fossil fuel production and carbon-intensive regions.

European Commission

The fund will support workers in the coal and carbon-intensive industries with extensive training programmes for up- and reskilling to the new green sectors and to be prepared for the economic diversification planned for the regions. 

European Commission

It is estimated that almost 30,000 workers will be trained, and about 11,000 new jobs will be created through these programmes.

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