Russia sends gas hub roadmap to Türkiye for consideration

Russia has prepared and sent a roadmap to Türkiye for the creation of a gas hub, which Türkiye is currently considering, as mentioned by Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak in a report by TASS.

Novak stated that this project is presently in the discussion stage, and a roadmap has been prepared and sent to our Türkish partners. They are currently reviewing it. Once it is signed, the project will be implemented according to the plan. He made these remarks during an interview with the Russian Arabic TV channel RT Arabic.

Novak also highlighted that the project primarily involves the creation of an electronic platform for gas trading in Türkiye. He emphasized that Türkiye has numerous suppliers, with Russia being one of the largest, as well as many consumers, including Türkiye and European countries. Therefore, there is a clear need for an electronic exchange and electronic trading that would establish price quotations.

In October 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin put forward the idea of creating a hub on Türkish territory, where the gas transit volume that was lost due to the “Nord Stream” could be redirected. Türkish authorities have mentioned that, in terms of infrastructure within the country, nearly everything is ready for the hub project’s implementation. However, legislative changes are necessary. The initial legislative decisions were made at the beginning of April and impact the operations of the Türkish gas company Botaş and several other suppliers.

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