Serbia is negotiating with Azerbaijan regarding the procurement of 300 or 400 million cubic meters of gas

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has assured the public through RTS that Serbia is fully prepared for the upcoming winter season. He stated that both energy and food reserves are currently at satisfactory levels, alleviating any concerns citizens might have. In addition, he mentioned ongoing negotiations with Azerbaijan for the acquisition of 300 to 400 million cubic meters of gas.

We already possess approximately 620 million cubic meters of gas. Recent developments in the Banat Palace and Hungary reflect the positive state of our reserves

emphasized President Vučić.

He also drew attention to the situation involving Ukraine’s blockage of Russian gas destined for Hungary. This situation could potentially impact the flow of gas through the “To the Turkish Stream” pipeline.

Vučić highlighted Serbia’s efforts to enhance its energy security, citing ongoing work on an interconnector with Bulgaria and the ongoing gas negotiations with Azerbaijan. He urged citizens not to become overly concerned, assuring them that there is an ample supply of food and other essentials. In terms of agricultural production, he noted that wheat harvests have increased by about 10-11% compared to the previous year.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the sunflower crop due to storms, Vučić conveyed that Serbia would have experienced minimal food supply issues if not for these disruptions. Stressing the nation’s commitment to building strong domestic commodity reserves, he reassured the public that there is no need for undue worry.

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