Hungary can buy and store 500 million cubic meters gas for Serbia

In case of need, Hungary can, as it has already done in 2022, buy and store gas for Serbia’s needs in the amount of 500 million cubic meters, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Peter Szijarto said in Belgrade.

He stated that a work is being done to double the amount of electricity transmission between the two countries by 2028 and cooperation is also possible regarding the nuclear capacities of PAKS 2 and 3 in Hungary, which are expected to be operational after 2030

Serbia will work on strengthening its energy infrastructure, stressing the importance of plans for the construction of the Pannonian corridor for the transmission of electricity, as well as the diversification of oil supply through the construction of an oil pipeline to Hungary, for which preparations have begun.

Serbia and Hungary have exceptional political cooperation and that during today’s meeting they discussed the next steps for establishing even better trade relations.

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