Serbia to build 146 km long gas pipeline with North Macedonia

Serbia to construct a 146-kilometer-long, two-way gas pipeline that will bolster connectivity with North Macedonia’s gas infrastructure and facilitate the much-anticipated gasification of cities and municipalities in southern Serbia. This project was revealed by the MIA correspondent reporting from Belgrade.

The Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure has released the spatial plan for the special-purpose gas pipeline project, named MG 14 Orljane-Leskovac-Vranje-border with the Republic of North Macedonia, for public scrutiny, as reported by the eKapija business portal. According to documents prepared by the Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of Serbia, this critical infrastructure will span an impressive 146 kilometers.

Strategic Objectives

The primary goal of this Spatial Plan is to establish a pivotal gas artery for southern Serbia, ensuring seamless interconnection with North Macedonia’s gas network and paving the way for the gasification of southern cities and municipalities.

Strategic Corridor Placement

To ensure the least disruption to densely populated areas, the pipeline’s corridor has been meticulously designed. Notable settlements in close proximity to this vital corridor include Doljevac, Vranjska Banja, Vranje, and Bujanovac. The linear section of the two-way main gas pipeline MG14 has been meticulously designed as a single-pipe system, completely buried underground.

Key Infrastructure Features

The gas pipeline will connect to the existing main distribution hub, known as “Orljane,” strategically located southwest of the settlement of Orljane in the Doljevac municipality. The pipeline’s journey will culminate at the border between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of North Macedonia.

Operating at a maximum working pressure of up to MOP=55bar, the pipeline will consist of sturdy steel pipes boasting a diameter of DN500.

Moreover, this visionary gas pipeline project will incorporate two main metering and regulation stations: GMRS “Vladicin Han” and GMRS “Vranje,” along with six block stations and a range of other essential facilities and installations.

International Collaboration

The gas interconnection agreement between Serbia and North Macedonia was successfully negotiated in 2021.

In a recent development, Minister Dubravka Gjedović Handanović announced in April of this year that Serbia had initiated the preparation of spatial and technical documentation for the construction of this gas interconnection.

By the end of May, the Government of Serbia had officially approved the development of a Spatial Plan for a special-purpose area, complete with detailed regulatory elements, for the main gas pipeline MG 14 GRCH Orljane – Leskovac – Vranje – border with the Republic of North Macedonia.

This monumental initiative marks a significant milestone in diversifying natural gas sources and translates the concept of a robust natural gas market, as envisioned in the Agreement on the Establishment of the Energy Community, into practical reality, as announced by the government.

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