By 2035 Serbia EPS plans to shut down 10 blocks of coal power plants

Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) intends to shut down ten blocks in its thermal power plants from 2025 to 2035, with a total capacity of 1,094 MW, according to EPS’s Go Green Road plan.The shutdown of 10 units will mean the complete cessation of operation of TE Morava, TE Kolubara A and TE Kostolac A, and the continuation of operation with reduced capacity of TE Nikola Tesla A (TENT A). This means that by 2035, the EPS will reduce the capacity of the existing thermal power plants, which now provide two-thirds of domestic electricity production, from 5,171 MW to 4,077 MW, but in the meantime, the third unit in the Kostolac B thermal power plant with a capacity of 350 MW will start operating, so the thermal power plant will have power of 4,427 MW.The plan to shut down thermoblocks was presented by Vladimir Šiljkut, EPS director’s advisor for the business system, who, at a conference organized by the website Energija Balkana, pointed out that coal should ensure Serbia’s energy security and play a role in the green transition.- In all scenarios presented in the Green Path of the EPS, the use of coal decreases, he emphasized.

The Morava and Kolubara A thermal power plants will be shut down first Šiljkut stated that TE Morava and TE Kolubara A will be shut down by the end of 2024, TE Kostolac A by the end of 2028, and TENT A1 and TENT A2 by the end of 2027.TE Morava has one block with a power of 125 MW, TE Kolubara A has five blocks with a total power of 239 MW, TENT A1 with a power of 210 MW, TENT A2 with a power of 210 MW and TE Kostolac A with two blocks with a total power of 310 MW. In total, we are talking about a power of 1,094 MW.

The result of closing the units, as Šiljkut said, will be a reduction in the emission factor from 0.86 tons of CO2 per MWh in the base year 2019 to 0.51 tons in 2035.He reminded that the Plan implies investments of EUR 8.5 billion, of which EUR 2.2 billion is for the reconstruction of electricity and coal production capacities, EUR 5.8 billion is for the construction of replacement and new capacities, and EUR 500 million is for environmental protection. environment. EPS plans to invest EUR 4.8 billion in renewable energy sources.

The conference participants said that coal in the green transition should ensure Serbia’s energy security and national security, as well as that they expect coal to remain the main source of energy until 2050.By the way, in 2017, it was announced that the units in the thermal power plants of EPS would be shut down. Six blocks in TE Kolubara A and TE Morava are within the opt-out mechanism, which implies limited working hours.EPS has already started preparing projects for the construction of solar power plants at the sites of the Morava and Kolubara A thermal power plants, and there is also an idea to switch the Morava Thermal Power Plant to gas.

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