Slovenia and Hungary signed a memorandum of understanding for 440 million cubic meter gas interconnection project

Slovenia’s Ministry of Energy has officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Hungary, marking the beginning of preparations for the construction of an interconnection between the gas distribution systems of both countries. The announcement was made by the Slovenian government.

In this collaborative effort, the energy ministries of Slovenia and Hungary have committed to supporting system operators in the development of a two-way gas pipeline. This pipeline will have an annual capacity of 440 million cubic meters, as detailed in a government statement released on Wednesday.

Furthermore, both governments have set their sights on finalizing an agreement regarding the supply of gas in times of solidarity. This agreement will come into play once an interconnection point between the distribution systems is established, as stated by the Slovenian government.

Slovenian media outlets have reported that the Hungarian operator, FGSZ, is planning to construct a pipeline that will link the Hungarian town of Tornyiszentmiklos to the Slovenian border as part of this project. Concurrently, Slovenia’s Plinovodi intends to launch a 75-kilometer-long gas pipeline connecting Kidricevo to Pince in 2026. Additionally, they plan to install an extra compressor unit in Kidricevo to ensure bidirectional capacity.

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