Slovenia’s repair works ongoing at Krsko led by Westinghouse

Repair work is currently underway at the Krsko Nuclear Plant (NEK) in Slovenia to replace a damaged section of a small pipeline within the primary system. This damage led to a controlled shutdown on October 6. NEK, a facility co-owned by Slovenia and Croatia that generates an average of 5.6 TWh per year, had to initiate this shutdown in order to allow its staff to “pinpoint the source of the leak” and “take steps to remediate it,” according to NEK. The repair is being carried out by Westinghouse, the original equipment supplier for NEK when it was built in the 1970s and early 1980s, as reported by the Slovenian news agency STA.

NEK anticipates resuming operation and reconnecting to the grid by mid-November. Preparations for removing fuel elements from the reactor vessel have been successfully completed, and all 121 core fuel elements was transferred to the spent fuel pool previously. NEK has confirmed that the plant is now in a state of “safe shutdown” or “hot standby” while repairs are undergoing.

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