Turkiye to sell natural gas to Bulgaria

Turkiye to sell natural gas to Bulgaria.The negotiations that took place between the Turkish company “Botash” and the Bulgarian energy company “Bulgargaz” regarding the sale of natural gas have been successfully concluded. An agreement was reached with a term of 13 years. The agreement is to be signed today 03.01.2023 in Sofia. According to the reached agreement “Bulgargaz” will get access to LNG terminals and the gas transmission network of Turkey.

In addition Bulgaria is negotiating with Ankara to join negotiations on long-term contracts with liquefied gas suppliers. Here we are talking about the negotiations only with European and American companies. 

It is also very interesting for the suppliers to deliver to the region – Turkey, Bulgaria and already potentially to other countries. They see it as a big step to conquer the market and accordingly tend to give better prices based on the large quantities and strategic positioning. These negotiations will be for long-term contracts – on the order of 10 years.

Rosen Hristov, Bulgarian Minister of Energy

The document will be signed by the managements of “Bulgargaz” and “Botash” in the presence of the Bulgarian Minister of Energy Rosen Hristov and the Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez.

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