Infrastructure for the gas hub in Turkiye is almost ready

The infrastructure for the gas hub that Turkiye is building is almost ready

Turkiye will become a commercial gas center, prices will be formed here. There will be a service price. We are located close to the resources. When we buy gas we buy it based on the indexed price of the Western European markets. But if we create this indicator in Turkiye it will be an advantage for the region of South-Eastern Europe.

Fatih Dönmez, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

The minister reminded of the agreement signed in Sofia for access to the gas transmission network and liquefied gas terminals in Turkiye. According to him that was the first step towards the realization of Turkiye intention to become a gas hub in Southeast Europe.

In recent months, several technical meetings were held with Bulgaria. Three weeks ago, our president received the Bulgarian delegation in Istanbul. Energy and natural gas were included in the agenda. Bulgaria is an energy-dependent country like us. They were looking for alternative sources

Fatih Dönmez, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

Dönmez reminded that Turkiye receives natural gas from a total of 15 different sources including Iran, Azerbaijan and Russia as the countries with the largest reserves of natural gas. 

Resources from the eastern Caspian Sea, Iraq and the Eastern Mediterranean can also be added. The moment this resource comes in it is natural for a market to form and trade to take place. When we add to that the local gas we will have with much larger gas reserves.

Fatih Dönmez, Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

According to the minister Turkiye is about to finalize the road map for the construction of the gas hub and its physical infrastructure is prepared, reported BTA

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