The largest solar power plant in Europe was opened in Turkiye

In the southern Turkish district of Konya, the largest solar power plant in Europe and one of the largest in the world was opened yesterday, Anadolu Agency reports.

The Karapanar power plant has a capacity of 1.35 GW and is owned by Kalyon Energy. It covers an area of ​​20 million square meters and the installation works started in January 2020.

By reaching its full capacity, the Karapanar power plant will increase the share of installed solar capacity in Turkey by 20 percent. The solar power plant consists of 3,256,038 solar panels manufactured by Kalyon Fotovoltaik.

The British government provided active financial support to the project, the value of which is estimated at 1 billion dollars. A significant proportion of this amount was granted through the United Kingdom Export Credit Agency

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