After Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania more countries are turning to Türkiye for gas supplies.

Türkiye is actively pursuing the goal of becoming a regional energy hub, leveraging its strategic geographic location and well-established natural gas infrastructure. Turkish officials and representatives from the energy sector believe that following the recent gas agreements with countries like Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania, other nations may soon express interest in entering similar contracts with Türkiye, as reported by Hurriyet Daily News.

Türkiye is offering the safest and most economically viable route, particularly for Western countries seeking an alternative to Russian natural gas, as well as for those possessing energy and gas resources. According to responsible Turkish authorities, while Türkiye is not the sole option, it does represent a robust alternative for Europe to reduce its reliance on Russian gas.

Geographically, Türkiye occupies a highly advantageous position as the intermediary between energy resource-rich countries and Europe. This is emphasized, alongside the recently inaugurated LNG terminals, as one of the key factors contributing to Türkiye’s attractiveness.

Türkiye boasts the most advanced transmission and storage facilities in the region and is set to increase its storage capacity to 10 billion cubic meters in the near future, as reported by Hurriyet Daily News. Additionally, it possesses three floating storage and regasification units (FSRU). All of these factors are crucial for countries seeking alternatives, according to the sources.

According to the officials quoted, other nations, including the Republic of North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, are also likely to seek natural gas agreements with Türkiye.

However, industry insiders emphasize that for Türkiye to establish itself as an energy trading hub, it must take further steps, such as establishing an energy exchange and adopting regulations in line with international standards.

International gas trading companies are already making preparations to open offices in the country, and interest in Türkiye is steadily growing, they noted.

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