The European Union and Türkiye collaborate to advance a sustainable future through joint climate change initiatives.

Representatives from European Union member countries and Turkiye launched 26 collaborative projects on Monday to address the issue of climate change.

The opening ceremony for the Turkiye-EU City Twinning-II: Green Future Project, funded by the European Union and administered by the Union of Turkish Municipalities (TBB), was held at the Permanent Representation of the EU in Brussels.

During his speech at the opening, Turkiye’s permanent representative to the EU, Ambassador Faruk Kaymakcı, mentioned that this is the second city twinning project and expressed hope for deeper cooperation in this regard.

Kaymakcı emphasized that at a time when the direct impacts of climate change are evident in cities, such projects not only bring cities closer but also contribute to the establishment of personal relationships, spreading the message of a “more peaceful Europe.”

Bernard Brunet, head of the Turkiye Desk at the European Commission, expressed his desire for continued interactions between Turkiye and the EU through such projects.

He also hoped that both Turkish and EU cities would benefit from each other’s experiences through this project.

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