Bosnian Republika Srpska officials met Turkish president in Hungary to advance energy security

Representatives from the Bosnian Republika Srpska recently convened with the Turkish President in Hungary to engage in discussions centered around energy security.

Milorad Dodik, the President of Republika Srpska within Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Zelka Cvijanovic, the Bosnian Serb member of the multi-ethnic presidency, held discussions in Budapest with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

During the meeting, which took place last night, there was a reaffirmation of mutual respect and a commitment to the continued implementation of previously agreed-upon energy projects.

Further meetings have also been scheduled, and President Erdogan has announced his intention to visit Banja Luka, the capital of Republika Srpska, during his upcoming trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

President Erdogan has also confirmed his attendance at the inauguration of the Mersovo hydroelectric plant in the municipality of Rudo, Republika Srpska. This plant is currently being constructed by a Turkish company.

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