Turkiye engages in active negotiations for two new nuclear power plants

Turkiye is actively engaged in negotiations for the construction of two new nuclear power plants. This development was announced by Alparslan Bayraktar, the head of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic, during an interview on the TV channel TRT.

Planned future Nuclear Power Plants in Turkiye

“We are currently in active negotiations with foreign partners, including Russia, for the construction of new nuclear power plants in Sinop and Thrace”, the minister stated. In addition to traditional nuclear power plants, Turkiye also intends to construct modular nuclear power plants, as per the minister’s remarks.

Furthermore, the minister disclosed that the Turkish authorities have set a goal to commence construction projects for the second and third nuclear power plants within the next five years. He highlighted the interest shown by Russia, South Korea, and France in participating in the project to establish a nuclear power plant in the Black Sea province of Sinop. Simultaneously, negotiations are in progress with China for the construction of a third nuclear power plant in Thrace, situated in the European part of Turkiye. Anticipated to be similar in capacity to the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, the plants in Sinop and Thrace are expected to play a crucial role. The commissioning of the first power unit at the Akkuyu NPP is scheduled for October 29, 2024.

The first nuclear power plant project in Turkiye is being executed based on an intergovernmental cooperation agreement reached between Russia and Turkiye on May 12, 2010. The plant will consist of four power units equipped with Russian VVER reactors of the “3+” generation, each boasting a capacity of 1200 MW. Once fully operational, the nuclear power plant is projected to generate approximately 35 billion kWh annually, catering to 10% of the nation’s electricity requirements.

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