Bulgaria plans several GW renewable energy power plants on “Maritza Iztok” complex

The development of the electric power industry is closely related to the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RPP) and the intention of the Ministry of Energy is to optimize part of the projects under this plan, which are not well structured, it became clear from the words of the Bulgarian Minister of Energy, Rosen Hristov. 

He did not fail to explain that unenforceable commitments were made or those that are enforceable, but with negative effects not only for the energy sector, but also for the entire economy of the country. 

These are commitments to achieve 40% of site-specific emissions from coal-fired power plants. In general, our analyzes show that Bulgaria is a leading country in Europe in terms of achieving decarbonization goals. We are far from the big polluters in Europe, both in terms of values ​​and in other ways of calculation, on the contrary, we are in the forefront if we look at the overall European goals. So our position on renegotiation is that Bulgaria’s goals are the European ones

Rosen Hristov, Bulgarian Minister of Energy

According to him, it is generally a question of preserving the structure of the RPP and renegotiating certain elements, including in compliance with the instructions of the European Commission regarding REPowerEU.

Our renegotiation is de facto achieving higher efficiency on the road to decarbonization

Rosen Hristov, Bulgarian Minister of Energy

stressing that there is interest-related disagreement over things that would not be helpful, but rather harmful. of the country, and of Europe. In this regard, the Minister of Energy gave an example of Bulgaria’s position against the imposition of sanctions in the field of nuclear energy, explaining how such a step would affect not only Bulgaria, but also the region and Europe as a whole.

The minister also gave an insight into the restructuring of the projects under RPP.

A large-scale deployment of renewables on the territory of “Mini Maritsa Iztok” is imminent. We are negotiating intensively with a number of investors. In particular, it is a matter of deploying photovoltaic power plants on territories that are damaged and that need to be recultivated. It is a matter of building capacities of several gigawatts.

Rosen Hristov, Bulgarian Minister of Energy

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