Profine Energy presented the idea for Europe’s largest floating photovoltaic park on the Ogosta River in Bulgaria

At the press conference, Profine Energy a joint venture of German companies Wirth Gruppe and Profine Group presented its intentions to invest up to 1 billion Euros in the Montana region through the construction of a floating solar park on the Ogosta Dam and its accompanying infrastructure.

We are excited about our first floating solar park project in a country like Bulgaria, where we have had a successful business for more than 25 years. We have a long way to go before we can confirm that the PV park is feasible. At the moment the negotiations are only at an exploratory stage. But if everything goes well, he can position Bulgaria among the big players on the European green card. Talking to people is extremely important for us to understand the essence of our project its environmental significance and its potential to create jobs and reduce electricity costs

Dr. Mrozik, owner and CEO of Profine Energy .

During the event, Dr. Mrozik also explained in detail that the PV project is at a very early stage and the company is currently conducting a detailed technical and economic due diligence. Only after the initial site surveys have been carried out and the regulatory framework assessed will the investor consider whether to proceed with the project and whether to participate in a possible tender.

Profine Energy’s solar park will be the largest project of its kind in Europe. Floating solar farms have a higher efficiency than ordinary ones. This is due to the natural properties of water to cool the solar panels, which in turn reduces the level of water evaporation and protects the local flora and fauna.

The floating solar park project will in no way affect the use of Ogosta Dam for fishing, sports and cultural events. This kind of solar parks do not pose any danger to humans, animals and plants.

Practice in other countries shows that floating parks reduce water loss through evaporation, thereby preserving the natural habitat of fish and amphibian species.

For Bulgaria, the photovoltaic park is of strategic importance as it will contribute to the economic growth of the country due to the use of local subcontractors, manufacturers and supply chains. This will also help Bulgaria fulfill its obligations to the European Union regarding the green transition. In addition, the project will support the economic development of Montana and may bring more German and international investors to Northwestern Bulgaria.

The idea, however, is not enthusiastically received by the people of Montana. Protests have already started. Fishermen and free-camping enthusiasts believe the project will destroy all of that. At the moment, Ogosta Dam is the only place in the country where fishermen from all over Bulgaria can set up tents and spend days fishing and resting on its shores. People in Montana do not dispute the need for investments in the area, but they have no explanation why the state refuses to invest BGN 30 million in the repair of the Ogosta dam. They insist on a public discussion of the project and to know more details about its construction. 

Profine Group is currently building solar parks in Serbia and Bosnia with a capacity of 500-600 MW and 100 MW respectively. The EUR 2 billion investment in Serbia is intended for the construction of a carbon-neutral industrial park in which the production of PVC profiles will be entirely powered by green energy.

Profine Group is one of the largest manufacturers of PVC profiles in the world. With a history of 125 years, the company was established in 2003 through the unification under one roof of the profile activities of HT Troplast. Under the brands KBE, KÖMMERLING and TROCAL Profine Group produces PVC profiles for windows, doors and roller shutter systems in factories on three continents. One of the company’s brands, Kömmerling, is a sponsor of the Mainz 05 football team, which competes in the German Bundesliga.

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