EU countries did not agree on price cap for natural gas

Energy ministers from European Union member states failed to agree on a cap on natural gas prices from January, an idea that was meant to ease the energy crisis. Firmly against the proposal are Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Austria and Finland, according to which the introduction of a price ceiling would limit supplies, BNR reported.

Other important measures have been adopted in principle, including joint procurement of gas to avoid bidding between individual member states that would raise prices, solidarity in supply in case of need and speeding up the issuance of permits for renewable energy sources, but the final their approval has been deferred as they are part of a joint document.

Some ministers complained that the proposal for a cap on natural gas prices of 275 euros per megawatt hour, presented by the European Commission two days ago, was framed in such a way and with so many conditions that it would never be used.

The gas price ceiling currently in the document does not satisfy any country. We take it as a mockery after so many discussions and written proposals.

Anna Moskva, Poland climate and energy minister

The text presented is unsatisfactory. It does not clearly say that there will be an effect on prices.

Tine van der Straaten, Belgium’s energy minister

Energy ministers will meet again on December 13 in an attempt to iron out differences.

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