Greece to fill up strategic reserves of gas on floating LNG storage Revitusa

Strategic reserves of LNG gas have started to fill up in new floating gas storage near Greek Revitusa located near Athens. Decision to deploy floating LNG storage was taken by Greece to battle current energy crisis and be more prepared for upcoming winter.  Floating gas storage will ensure a sufficient supply of natural gas if needed.

After a competition, the vessel of “Gazlog” was chartered for a period of 12 months. With the floating tank, the capacity of the existing three ground tanks is increased by 70 percent from 225 thousand to at least 375 thousand cubic meters.

The new reservoir stores strategic reserves of natural gas that Greece must have under the EU plan next winter and will supply power to power plants that cannot run on alternative fuels. The process of unloading the first 140 thousand cubic meters of gas in the floating terminal begins today and will last for two days.

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