Romania plans to expand its nuclear power plant with help from USA

The Romanian government plans to use USA technology and funding to double the capacity of its Cerna Voda nuclear power plant. The US Export-Import Bank (EXIM) will provide more than $3 billion in credit to add two new reactors to the Danube Nuclear Power Plant under a new agreement.

Cerna Voda NPP currently produces about a fifth of Romania’s electricity with two Canadian-made CANDU reactors that were commissioned in 1996 and 2007. Initial plans for the plant called for a total of five reactors, although only the first two were completed .

We need energy security, but energy security is only possible with the availability of energy

Klaus Iohannis, Romanian President

We in Romania have ambition, and this is important for Romanians, for the business environment and for the region, because this is a new approach that will ensures that we have enough energy, it will show that we are energy independent and it will show how to achieve the green transition, because innovation and nuclear energy will allow fossil fuels to be replaced.

Klaus Iohannis, Romanian President

In 2015 Romania planned to build two additional units of the Cerna Voda NPP with the help of Chinese investors. This plan was abandoned in 2020 when Romania and the US reached an agreement to give Romania access to American nuclear technology.

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