Nuclear alliance in the EU calls for equal treatment and financing of renewable energy and nuclear power

The nuclear alliance in the EU is demanding equal treatment and financing for renewable energy sources and nuclear power plants within European programs and funds. They have urged the European Commission (EC) to provide nuclear power with the same support as other low-carbon energy sources. The alliance, consisting of 14 member states including France, recently met in Spain and adopted a roadmap for a “new nuclear strategy for the EU.” They emphasize the need to promote nuclear power and ongoing joint projects in a manner consistent with the support given to renewable energy projects. The alliance also calls for a technology-neutral approach in EU legislation related to the energy transition, ensuring equal funding, research, and project development opportunities for both nuclear and renewable energy.

In addition, the alliance stresses the importance of adequate recognition and support for nuclear energy in achieving the EU’s climate and energy security goals. They propose a joint document to the EC titled “A New Strategy for the Use of Nuclear Energy in the European Union” and highlight the complementary nature of nuclear technologies and renewable energy sources. The alliance emphasizes the significance of harmonizing nuclear safety standards, revising the Euratom Treaty of 1957, and ensuring sufficient incentives, authorization procedures, and financial access for nuclear energy projects. While the nuclear alliance was meeting, another group called the “Renewable Friendly” group, comprising several EU member states, held a separate meeting to coordinate positions on the reform of EU electricity market rules.

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